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Our Firm’s Values


We believe that with our help, every client can be confident in handling their own affairs, and in navigating situations and decisions that will have a significant impact.  Our clients should not be encumbered with fear or anxiety.  We strive to educate as we collaborate so that our clients feel organized, prepared, and ready to take on whatever challenge inevitably lies around the next corner.


We believe that honesty, transparency, and trust are critical to the client relationship, and we hold the fiduciary standard with sobriety.  We strive to earn and keep our clients’ trust and to provide advice that is always objective and appropriate.  We receive no commissions, kickbacks, referral fees, endorsement deals, free golf balls from mutual fund companies, or anything remotely interesting from any of our vendors.  We are paid only by our clients and our allegiance is fully and only to their interests.


We believe that it’s best to listen first, then to speak.  When we don’t know the answer, we’ll say so — and then we’ll work to find the answer.  We love the never-ending journey of further refining and improving our practice, and we revel in surrounding ourselves with people smarter than we are.  We are convinced that humility is integral and foundational to constantly improving the impact we can have in the lives of our clients.


We believe that we are happiest when we share what we have.  We place a high value on contributing to the needs of others in our community and around the world, and delight in helping our clients to strategically give of their time, talent, and financial resources to causes and people who are important to them.


We take pride in working hard for our clients.  There is no substitute for good old-fashioned hard work, no shortcuts, no magic formula.  We will put in the meaningful time and effort to develop and refine our expertise, and will gladly spend every bit of that expertise in the service of our clients.

 Our Investment


Over the long term, your investment portfolio will be the engine that drives you toward your financial goals. It is critical for an investor to use a strategy that aligns with their desires for growth, as well as their stomach for risk. A great plan that is abandoned is still a failure.

We will help our clients indentify a portfolio that aligns with their needs, and keep them from making the big mistakes that can derail their financial plan.

We build our portfolios on the academic underpinnings of two nobel prizes. We partner with companies like DFA, Vanguard and TD Ameritrade in order to provide a diversified, cost-optimized approach with best-in-class funds.  We implement these strategies in a disciplined, dispassionate fashion that involves no stock picking or short-term tactical sector overweights.

Investment management is included in our annual flat fee. To hear more about how we construct the right portfolios for our clients, schedule a free consultation.


Meet Justin


Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®

President and Founder

I love what I do for a living.  Whether it’s bringing order to the mayhem of financial disorganization, or refining and implementing an already-thought-out strategy, I couldn’t be more excited to help my clients identify, pursue, and achieve a life that brings joy and fulfillment.  

My financial journey began at a young age, when my father helped this 13-year-old pick out his first mutual fund for a Roth IRA (PRWCX, if you were wondering).  His early mentorship and encouragement allowed me to experience the value of wise financial counsel.  Little did I know, comparing one-pager Morningstar reports all those years ago would eventually yield not only a solid mutual fund selection, but subsequent vocational direction.

I founded Quantifi Planning in 2017, at the same time that my wife, Sarah (a resident physician at UPenn) was faced with the prospect of sorting through the financial implications of med school and residency.  As I got to know more and more young physicians, it became apparent that this time in the life of a young doc was a critical juncture for quality financial advice, but that it occurred at a time when few possess the significant assets required by many firms to get the planning help they need. Consequently, I have specifically designed my firm to make top-tier planning and investment advice accessible to early- and mid-career physicians to help them achieve financial and personal success.

Prior to founding Quantifi, I served as an advisor at a fee-based RIA outside of Philadelphia, where I spent five years working to refine my employer firm’s planning process, integrating new software solutions for advisors and clients, and serving on its investment committee.  Before that, I spent the first few years of my career providing comprehensive planning services to ultra-high net worth clients at a $6b RIA in the city of Philadelphia, where I got to see firsthand the practices and strategies required to build and protect significant wealth.

When I’m not helping my clients, you might find me enjoying some of Philly’s finest pizza (I recommend Santucci’s), going for a run, playing the guitar, or taking some out-of-town friends/family on a tour to see the Liberty Bell and pose on top of the “Rocky Steps”.  Although I’m from Pittsburgh originally, over the last ten-plus years I’ve grown to love the city of Philadelphia, and all of its character(s).

A graduate from Villanova’s school of business, I have continued my commitment to ongoing education and development in my field.  My credentials include the following:


– ChFC


– B.S. Finance and Business Honors, Villanova University

– Cum Laude Graduate / Presidential Scholar

– Adjunct Professor of Finance, Villanova University

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