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At Quantifi Planning, we seek to put the client’s values first in the planning process. Come strategize, plan, and dream with us.

Are you a fiduciary?

I am a fiduciary. This is the highest threshold of ethical duty and obligation to represent the best interest of clients at all times.  I have signed a fiduciary oath as a member of the XY Planning Network, and this fiduciary responsibility is a core value of our business.  

What are your qualifications to provide financial advice?

In addition to my professional experience, I hold the CFP(r) designation, which is the widely-recognized industry standard for excellence in financial planning.  I also hold the ChFC designation, which is an additional advanced financial planning designation, and the RICP designation, which pertains to providing guidance for the retirement transition and retirement income strategies.  Each of these designations require annual continuing education.

Do you have any partners in providing me advice?

I have relationships with a number of professionals in taxation, estate planning, insurance, student loan payback, etc. so that I can access highly technical analysis when needed, or provide referrals for other services (taxes, estate documents, etc.) if necessary.  My clients receive access to my network of professionals, enabling them to tap into a deep body of knowledge whenever necessary.

Do I really need to hire an advisor?

Study after study after study after study has shown that it is very difficult for people to avoid the myriad investment and financial pitfalls which await them.  From managing behavioral tendencies to accessing technical expertise to understanding appropriate strategies to integrate, there are many benefits to having an advisor.  Statistically speaking, you would be better off by hiring (a good) one rather than trying to manage things on your own.

But… can’t I just google the answers to my questions?

In a word…yes, you could.  If you know the questions to ask, can recognize the right answer to your question when you see it, and implement it in the appropriate manner in your situation, in a period of time that doesn’t drive you crazy, then you could be a candidate for DIY financial help.  This is surprisingly uncommon, though — being able to find the answers to facts, and being able to put together strategies and draw conclusions from those facts, are quite different things.  But I’m happy to help you decide if this is the best course of action for you.  

Who is your typical client?

My typical client wants to see their money as a tool to living a fulfilling life – not a yardstick to evaluate their own value or happiness.  They could be a young professional with a spouse or family and a busy calendar, and they may not be able to spend the amount of time they want to organize and optimize their financial affairs.  They may be located in Philly or anywhere in the U.S.  Sometimes they have one or two specific questions, and sometimes they are looking for a full evaluation of their current situation and a plan for going forward.

Who is not a good fit as a client?

Anyone who is looking for the following:

  • Market timing investment strategies
  • Stock picking or “hot stock tips”
  • Hedge funds
  • A quick and easy way to get rich

Do I have to come into your office?

No.  I’m happy to meet you virtually via a phone call, skype, facetime, or virtual meeting, or to meet you at a coffee shop, your home, place of employment, or other neutral sites (if you’re in Philly).

Do I have to pay for the first meeting?

No.  The initial consultation is free. After that initial meeting, you are guaranteed to have at least some direction and food for thought as a result, as we together work to identify your most significant planning needs.  After the first meeting I’ll gladly discuss in detail the timing of payment based on requested services, and answer any other questions you may have.

How do you get paid?

My clients pay me for my services.  I receive no other kickbacks, referral fees, product commissions, or any other monetary compensation from any of my business partners.  This is what it means to be “fee-only”, and this is why there are minimal conflicts of interest for me and my clients.

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